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Abstract Waves

At BQIA, curiosity is our compass, and innovation is our destination. Welcome to a space where the quest for knowledge knows no bounds.


Welcome to the Big Questions Institute of Art (BQIA), where creativity and inquiry converge to explore the fascinating intersection of Science and Art. Established in the eclectic Woolloongabba precinct, BQIA serves as a dynamic hub for fostering dialogue, inspiring innovation, and engaging communities through immersive artistic experiences.


At BQIA, we believe that the exploration of Big Questions transcends disciplinary boundaries. Conceived and operated by the Big Questions Institute (BQI), in collaboration with Sarazin Property, our institute is dedicated to advancing conversations between artists and scientists, creating a space where diverse perspectives and talents converge to push the boundaries of knowledge and expression.

Our multi-use function spaces are designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, including art installations, music events, scientific research, and community outreach. Additionally, we proudly provide pro bono space for artists in residence, nurturing talent and fostering creativity within our community.


Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, where art becomes a portal to understanding the profound questions that shape our world. Whether you're an enthusiast, a creator, or a curious mind, we invite you to explore, engage, and be inspired at the Big Questions Institute of Art.

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