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3D Round Ridges

The Pilbara Series
A Fusion of Art and Science

In August 2023, Big Questions Institute of Art (BQIA) proudly unveiled its inaugural exhibition, "The Pilbara Series," marking a significant milestone in the institute's journey at the intersection of Art and Science. Organized in collaboration with Renshaw & Kubler and curated by the esteemed Big Questions Institute (BQI), this event heralded a new era of exploration and creativity.


The exhibition featured the captivating artwork of Helga Groves, renowned for her evocative interpretations of the natural world. Inspired by an expedition to the Pilbara's origin of life Stromatolite sites, led by Professor Martin Van Kranendonk of UNSW as part of the Big Questions Institute Xpedition series, Groves embarked on a transformative artistic journey. Her remarkable body of work served as a visual testament to the profound connections between art, science, and the mysteries of existence.


The launch event, attended by esteemed guests and members of the community, was a vibrant celebration of interdisciplinary collaboration and creative expression. Through immersive installations, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive experiences, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Groves' artwork and delve into the deeper themes of origin, evolution, and interconnectedness explored in "The Pilbara Series."


As BQIA's inaugural exhibition, "The Pilbara Series" set the stage for future explorations at the intersection of Art and Science. It exemplified the institute's commitment to fostering dialogue, igniting curiosity, and inspiring innovation through the transformative power of artistic expression.

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